Book Club

Description: The Book Club meets every 6 weeks to discuss a current book for review. If you like to read and to talk about books this is for you – or you can just listen to what others have to say.  Give it a go.

Coordinator: Alan Corkhill

Day: See list below

Time: 9:30 am

Location: Shed

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Any enquiries: Alan Corkhill  Email: 045 012 7270

Focus Questions Tom Sharpe, “The Gropes” (2009)

  1.  Sharpe has employed several types of satire throughout his long writing career. What is the nature of his satire in “The Gropes”?
  2.  How successfully does he lampoon a) suburban mediocrity and b) the British police force?
  3. Do you consider the slapstick overdone?
  4. Find some examples of Sharpe’s vulgarity and political incorrectness that particularly resonate with you.
  5. Despite the preeminence of Grope matriarchy over the centuries, in which ways is being a woman no fun for Vera and Belinda?
  6. To what extent is the gangly-legged Esmond Wiley a beneficiary of his change of fortunes?
  7. Do you agree with several critics that the novel’s ending is too abrupt?

Book List 2022

Tom Sharpe, “The Gropes” (2010) [a farcical series of events enacted around an old English Northumberland family] 5 MAY

Amor Towles, “A Gentleman in Moscow” (2016) [the historical narrative of a Russian count who is condemned to spend the rest of his life under house arrest] 16 JUNE

Lia Hills, “The Crying Place” (2017) [an Australian tale of love and grief in borderland country] 28 JULY

Kelly Rimmer, “The Things We Cannot Say” (2019) [the story of a young woman trying to survive war-torn Poland, juxtaposed with the story of the intergenerational complexities of modern life] 8 SEPTEMBER

Patrick Modiano, “The Search Warrant [Dora  Bruder]”(2020) [about the quest of one man to discover the whereabouts of a missing Jewish girl in Nazi-occupied Paris] 20 OCTOBER

Hannah Kent, “Devotion” (2021) [tells the story of a new life in Australia for a Prussian family escaping religious persecution] 1 DECEMBER