Book Club

Description: The Book Club meets every 6 weeks to discuss a current book for review. If you like to read and to talk about books this is for you – or you can just listen to what others have to say.  Give it a go.

Coordinator: Alan Corkhill

Day: See list below

Time: 9:30 am

Location: Shed

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Book List 2021

Zadie Smith, “White Teeth” (2002) [set in 1970s London, the novel is constructed around two families from very different backgrounds, ethnically and socially] NOVEMBER 25

Focus Questions

1. How do the first and second generations of immigrants confront the issues of ethnic identity, culture and creed in their adopted homeland?
2. How different are the attitudes of the youngest generation to these issues? To what extent does mixed ethnicity shape these differences?
3. What motivates the Anglo-Jewish Chalfen family to lend the immigrant children a helping hand? Why does this intervention misfire?
4. Why does Millat gravitate towards KEVIN?
5. How do Hortense, Millat, Magid and Idie view their family’s past and history in general? Does this help them with their identity?
6. What systems of belief collide in the novel in the face of the FutureMouse project?
7. How sensitive is the author in her depiction of religious practice, especially the faith of the Jehovah’s Witnesses?
8. What do the references to teeth, especially white teeth, signify in the novel?
9. What varieties of English vernacular do we find in “White Teeth”?

Book List 2022 – To be advised

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