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Description: The Book Club meets every 6 weeks to discuss a current book for review. If you like to read and to talk about books this is for you – or you can just listen to what others have to say.  Give it a go.

Coordinator: Alan Corkhill

Day: See list below

Time: 9:30 am

Location: Shed

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Focus Questions – Hannah Kent, “Devotion” (2021)

1. On what levels does devotion operate in the novel? Which is the strongest kind?
2. Does having a ghost as the central narrator affect the way the story is told? If so, how?
3. What typical features of the Australian settler novel does Hannah Kent introduce? Does she go beyond this?
4. How well does the author fictionalise the Old Lutherans and their attempts to make a a new life for themselves, free of religious persecution? You may need to do some background research here.
5. How does Kent treat female rebelliousness and non-conformism in the novel? If you have read her other two novels, are there similarities in this respect?
6. To what extent would you agree with the critic who claims that Kent’s lyrical/mystical use of language “creates an immersive, transformative experience for the reader”?
7. Which autobiographical elements have found their way into “Devotion”? Again, some background reading will be necessary.

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