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“Every accomplishment starts with a decision to Try”

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98 Yoorala Street, The Gap Q 4061 – Map at Google Maps.

Meeting Times

Tuesday, 9.00 am to 12.00 noon.Thursday, 9.00 am to 12.00 noon. 

Ashgrove-The Gap Men’s Shed is a Men’s Shed located in the western suburbs of Brisbane. It commenced accepting members in November 2012.Now is a good time to come along as a visitor and maybe join if you wish. There are subgroups for particular interests where you can become involved  –  a Book Club, a Bike Group, Toy Repair,  A Walking Group,  Discussion Forums, etc. Interest Groups Other subgroups may be formed depending on the interests of members. We do plenty of just talking and socialising as well, no one has to be in any particular interest group. It is an easy, no pressure place.The Shed has received tremendous  support from Bluecare Ashgrove and The Lions Club of Ashgrove – The Gap.All men are welcome.Just turn up for a meeting and say hello. There is no cost for a visitor. If you join as a member, the annual fee is $50.So there is our offer, the next step is for you to take.

Message to all ATGMS members concerning Shed Covid protocols issued 6th July 2022

 You are probably aware that there are 2 new Omicron strains (BA.4 and BA.5) spreading throughout the community with daily infections often exceeding 5,000/day in Qld. The influenza virus is also spreading rapidly.

As our Shed is deemed a Vulnerable Setting and to avoid another shutdown, your Committee wishes to communicate the following protocols to all Members and visitors.

  • If you are feeling even slightly unwell, do not attend the Shed
  • While the Qld Govt has not mandated mask wearing (yet), members are encouraged to wear a mask while indoors at the Shed, especially the card players. Masks are available at the Shed.
  • Members are encouraged to receive all vaccinations including the flu vaccine for which they are eligible.
  • If a family member or close contact has Covid, then members should not attend the Shed until the quarantine period of at least 7 days has expired and be RAT tested prior to re-attending the Shed.

Ashgrove/The Gap Men’s Shed Inc.   ABN 54757160198

Fluccs Support Ashgrove-TheGap Men's Shed
Fluccs Support Ashgrove-TheGap Men’s Shed

Fluccs Hosting of this website has worked flawlessly since November 2012. We thank Fluccs Australia for this support to our Men’s Shed.