Book Club

Description: The Book Club meets every 6 weeks to discuss a current book for review.If you like to read and to talk about books this is for you – or you can just listen to what others have to say.  Give it a go.

Coordinator: Alan Corkhill

Day: See list below

Time: 9:30 am

Location: Shed

More Information

Book List 2019

Dymphna Cusack/James Florence,  “Come in Spinner” (1951; 1988) 7 February

Randolph Stow, “The Merry-Go-Round in the Sun” (1965) 21 March

Hugh Lunn, “Vietnam – A Reporter’s War” (1985)  7 May 11:45 am

Jessica Anderson, “Tirra Lirra by the River” (1978) 13 June

Peter Carey, “Amnesia” (2014) 25 July

Focus Questions

  1. How would you characterise Felix Moore and Celine Baillieux in terms of their generational activism?
  2. How different are Gaby and Frederic in their activist outlook and actions?
  3. What obscured aspects of 1970s political history does Carey rescue from the throes of amnesia?
  4. How accurate is Carey in his depiction of socio-cultural divide in Melbourne’s inner suburbs? Does he differ from Helen Garner in this respect?
  5. What issues of authorship link this novel with Flanagan’s “First Person” regarding a) the reliability of sources and the creation of a publishable manuscript, and b) ownership?
  6.  Find some pertinent examples of Carey’s brutally direct and notoriously irreverent turns of phrase.

Grantlee Kieza, “Monash: The Soldier who Shaped Australia” (2015) 5 September

Chris Hammer, “Scrublands” (2018) 17 October

Tim Winton, “The Shepherd’s Hut” (2018) 28 November

Any enquiries: Alan Corkhill  Email: 045 012 7270

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